Friday, September 30, 2011


I saw a very rosy dream
Not about you not about me
But a dream in which a rose tells me
 “you are a rose, I believe, please justify your rosy name for me?”

Sitting in a room with roses all around
Red, pink, yellow and white
I think how to justify the name 
How to win this rosy little game?

“Let’s write a poem full of roses,
A poem where each sentence smells of roses.”
The red rose raised a brow,
And I started the rosy little work…

What a rosy fragrance is in a rose since its very birth
Undoubtedly it is one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth
Thinking more the realization dawned that a rose is a rose is a rose
What more could I have said about a rose?

A red rose symbolizes passion and love
A white rose soothes with the peace of dove
A yellow love whispers friendship and concern
But a black rose is unlikely to return!

Reading my rosy little poem
I find a rosy way to beat boredom!
Then I see in my dream the poem reaching the press
And Miss Pankhuri bowing down gracefully, with her cheeks full of rosiness!

2 Obiter dicta:

Anonymous said...

A lovely rosy poem.But i still dint get what a rose is a rose is a rose meant :P

P.S:i really got rid of my boredom when i was reading this ;)


Anonymous said...

Why u stopped writing....u should write & exams to chalte rahenge...


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